Bitter bitter bitter Those are the words that keep repeating in my head Every relationship starts going down that lane And I wonder as I stand there Why do I get tired of people Why do I not look for everlasting things Am I too exposed to the truth Or do I dig too deep […]

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Into the valleys of the world I go I stop and I stare at the colours before me Reflecting at all the bright places Places etched into my heart and into my mind I long to stay there every time Yet I have to step forward and move Taking it all in, letting it all […]

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And sometimes I feel like I am standing on the edge of a cliff And sometimes I feel like all I need is one last blow and I will crumble into a million pieces The final push off the cliff Because you see, in my head there aren’t a lot of things holding me together […]

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Its like time’s running out I am trying to hold it Trying to hold it in my fists But its slipping out Slipping out like grains of sand Through the small gaps of my fisted hands Onto the ground it falls The tighter I clasp it The quicker it falls And the strength my fists […]

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This is where you draw the line

Give yourself a blank canvas every once in a while Put everything aside and just breathe Breathe and exist in NOW Stop going back Stop playing it over and over in your head It won’t change anything So instead, stop and breathe and exist Forgive yourself You have been hard on yourself for too long […]

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To my kind parents

(Story of an anonymous girl as told by someone else) Let me start by saying I love you guys Loved you too much probably You became my sun and moon All I ever wanted to do was to please you Except sadly I couldn’t even do that And I doubt I will ever be able […]

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The fall

My existence is like that of a leaf I accumulate all the toxicities of life Toxicities that runs deep in my veins They tell me not to worry about every little thing But my once sharp green edges Are now rusty and shriveled, Can u smooth my edges out for me or will I just […]

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