Its like time’s running out

I am trying to hold it

Trying to hold it in my fists

But its slipping out

Slipping out like grains of sand

Through the small gaps of my fisted hands

Onto the ground it falls

The tighter I clasp it

The quicker it falls

And the strength my fists once had, begins to fade

So here I am, sitting with my bare hands

Open facing the sky, the deep blue sky

Traces of sand runs along the lines sketching my hand

The wind swifts through my hair

Pushing a few strands across my face

I sat there unable to move

My pale white dress as still as I

Sitting on that white podium

Gazing onto that vast land

All my eyes see are domes of sand

From the vastness when you turn to look at me

You shall find my gaze fixated, my pupils still

My visage giving away nothing at all

But if you look closer you shall find

A girl whose face is worn out with time

Her body barely holding her together

Yet her look is firm

Her spirit bolder

Its like another awakening

One you didn’t know was waiting

But now that its here

Its dreadful than it had ever been

How to survive it

Is a challenge on its own


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