And sometimes I feel like I am standing on the edge of a cliff

And sometimes I feel like all I need is one last blow and I will crumble into a million pieces

The final push off the cliff

Because you see, in my head there aren’t a lot of things holding me together

But then there’s Faith

Faith that, that one last blow won’t come

Faith that even if it does come, I won’t break into a million pieces

Faith that even if I do,

somehow I will still be whole,

Faith that even if I do fall off that cliff,

I will be caught before I hit the ground

Because you see my existence is NOT MERELY MY EXISTENCE

I am a part of a much bigger plan

A plan so beautiful, I can not even begin to comprehend

And knowing that I am a part of it gives me faith,

Faith and courage

Courage to walk ahead with my shoulders broad and my gait light

Knowing I will be able to conquer whatever life throws my way

Faith comes to me like a beam of light

Lighting up all the dark corners of my mind

Cause you see my faith strengthens my weakened heart,

And though I felt suffocated before

Faith comes to me like a breath of fresh air

Greeting me like an old friend,

Holding my hand

lifting me up

Promising me better days

Now I know what’s it like to have faith!


3 thoughts on “Faith

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