To my kind parents

Let me start by saying I love you guys

Loved you too much probably

You became my sun and moon

All I wanted to ever do was to please you

Except sadly I couldn’t even do that

And I doubt I will ever be able to do that

Not in this life time at least

And what angers me is that there won’t be another

No do-over

I don’t know why I had been waiting for one all this time

Deluding myself, waiting for it to be just around the corner

You see when I say I loved you

I meant I loved how you treated everyone else

How you were there for everyone when they needed you

How you always put others before yourselves

How you went to every extent possible giving up on even yourselves

But heres the thing that kills me the most

You gave me up too

That time you gave up for their sake, I had a right on it too

But you never asked me though, I was just supposed to go with the flow

Accepting it as another one of your responsibilities

What about me though? Wasn’t I one either?

Was I not good enough for you?

Why weren’t you there to help me figure myself out when I needed you the most?

Why couldn’t you be strong enough for us and said no to everyone else when I needed you most!

You tried though, I will give you that much

Tried your best, I have always been willing to give you that until now!

Now,My own words are starting to betray me

But you too have always been helpless

So you gave me what you didn’t have as a child

You thought I will be happy then

You tried to fill the void with money and getting me all that I wanted

Little did you realise was that all I ever needed was you by my side

Don’t you remember, you lacked time as well, time and company

And yet you went ahead and gave it away

The greatest jewel of all

I blame myself everyday

For things I know aren’t my fault

Most of them anyway

I tear myself up bit by bit

N all there’s left now

Are pieces of straw!

A broken piece of a broken family

(Story of an anonymous girl)